A digital agency at your service

A digital communication agency deals with influencer marketing, digital strategy, social media, influencer marketing, traffic acquisition by performing SEO and SEA services.

Digital strategy

You have a project or a partnership in mind?

To succeed in a digital project, it is important to write the specifications well. Thanks to the implementation of a partnership, you will be able to get back leads.

Although projects and issues are unique, their realization goes through four phases: the basics, the specifications, the wireframes and the selection of technologies. To accomplish a digital project, it is necessary to determine the objectives: creation of companies, launching of products or services, setting up of notoriety, communicating, explaining, recruiting, selling a service or a product… The need can sometimes be more mechanical. It is the case of a redesign of a Web site, to be competitive in its sector of activity…

Fusion of imagination and technology

Using effective, customized marketing solutions allows technology and imagination to merge. This approach helps companies to increase their sales. Launch your communication campaign to gain visibility.

Web site creation

A Web agency takes care of the creation of an informative website such as maths-physique.fr, showcase, online store…

Brand identity

The brand identity is the set of visuals, values and messages created to represent the company.

Traffic acquisition

Natural and paid referencing and netlinking are part of the traffic acquisition techniques for your website.

Social networks: the first point of contact

Social networks are changing the relationship between the company and its customers.

Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube and Twitter are all essential contact points. Many large companies can no longer do without them. Entrepreneurs often integrate these contact points into their sales and marketing strategy. Social networking is overtaking e-mail and the telephone as a means of customer contact.

Our SEO process: generate targeted traffic

It is important to have a good positioning in the SERP results if you want to boost the traffic of your web portal. It usually takes several months for a site to appear at the top of the search engines by applying SEO work.

There are tricks to increase the number of visitors to a site by regularly attracting Google’s robots to boost its position. These techniques include diversifying traffic sources and regularly publishing relevant content. Indeed, search engines particularly appreciate sites that offer updated content from time to time. Create a blog to facilitate the publication of new articles. A frequency of two weekly posts is enough to quickly double your traffic.

Designing your corporate identity

Corporate identity is similar to an identity card.

Visual identity

The visual identity represents a brand, a company or an institution on all its communication supports.

Logo creation

Use a logo creation tool to design a logotype for your company to develop your brand.

Graphic charter

The graphic charter translates visually the universe and the values of a company like elegance, innovation, dynamism…

Backlinks campaigns

To acquire external links, you need to have a good knowledge of Google’s algorithm, of the limits not to exceed to avoid penalties and to master the possible mechanisms to succeed in your backlink campaigns. It is essential to acquire backlinks if you undertake a natural referencing strategy.